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Mission Impossible

Updated: May 27

Its a Saturday night, and I am at a friends party chatting and sipping at my chilled white wine. I overhear a conversation and it sounds interesting, my ears prick up.

I turn to join that group, David is talking about his 50th birthday which is coming up next year. He has been offered charity places for the New York marathon and wants to raise money for Great Ormand Street Hospital. He is asking if anyone would like to run with him.

Before I know it I hear myself saying - “Yes I will join you!”

Now let me just point out that at this point in time, I am not a runner, I struggle to run to the end of the road. Yikes what have I agreed to?

The next day I research how to run from coach to 5k and work through the program, I am so excited every time I achieve a run, I manage to run 20 minutes without stopping, this feels like such an achievement. Then each run I add one minute, 21minutes becomes 22 minutes, small additions.

Fast forward to New Years day, I run 7 miles non stop today for the first time, I feel absolutely amazing, I try and push away the nagging thought that I am still a long way off my target of 26.2 miles, but I know I have 10 months to reach this. I CAN DO THIS!

I research the best way to train for a marathon, and create an 18 week plan. It includes long runs to build the distance, short recovery runs, speed work to build fitness, I also add in yoga to help my muscles recover and to avoid injury.

I put the chart on the wall and try to focus simply on my next run. I am still terrified about the race, but I am trying to build up my distance slowly and focus on each challenge to manage my nerves.

Every time I run, I tick it off the chart, I can see the race date getting closer, but I can also see my achievements building too.

Every long run feels scary. I battle with my negative self talk, so I break each long run into chunks, one mile at a time. I occupy my mind by playing games like a - z of girls names, then boys names, then countries. Before I know it I have run another few miles.

I work through my schedule, some days I don’t achieve what I hoped other days I run more, its ok I tell myself, its ok to be ill, tired, lacking in motivation, just start the run and see what happens, and forgive myself if it doesn’t quite work out.

Race day finally arrives, I have my schedule with me, this is my evidence that I deserve to do this well and enjoy the experience. I have run nearly 500 miles in the last 18 weeks, I am definitely a runner now.

The crowd is cheering us on and shouting out our names, its absolutely amazing, I am loving this. Around every corner is a band playing music, flags are waving, new groups of people applauding. I am buzzing, the crowd are so enthusiastic.

Lady going for a run in the woods

The miles add up, and eventually I reach Central Park where the finish line is. I start to get really excited, oh my word I am actually going to do this! I can’t believe it, it feels serial. I turn the final corner and up ahead is the finish line, I can feel the emotions building up. I run a bit faster as the adrenaline kicks in, I raise my hands and grin from ear to ear as I cross the line.

I am stunned but then feel tearful - happy tears, relief, disbelief, Wow I actually did it, something that once felt impossible!

Sometimes in life goals can feel so far away, so impossible, but if you can break it down into manageable chunks and celebrate each win however small, it means you can enjoy the journey. The end destination is wonderful but it really is important to also enjoy how you get there too.

Midlife can feel a bit like this for us mums, we have taken care of our children, and now they have grown up and don't need us as much any more. So what is next for us? It might feel exiting or it might feel daunting or somewhere in between. If you are in this place now and you would like some emotional support to help you overcome any emotional blocks stopping you from being your best self in this next chapter then that is where I can support you.

Send me an email to arrange a free EFT taster session and chat to see if we can work well together. I look forward to hearing from you.

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