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Find the courage to embrace what’s next.

Feeling Stuck? Wondering whats next? - I understand, I’ve been there too.


I am the mother of two lovely daughters who are now at university. When they left for their studies I really struggled to know what was next for me, I loved being a mum and suddenly felt lost. 


I discovered EFT and found that it transformed my life.

I believe it takes courage to delve into your rucksack and explore what’s there, remove what is no longer useful for you and create a new version of you that is going to help you live life to the full and overcome obstacles with grace and ease.



I will be along side you on this journey supporting you through process and cheering you on as you progress.

Here are some of the reasons I’m the right person to support you on your journey.

I have a Foundation Degree in Counselling.

I am an Advanced EFT Practitioner (Level 3)

I have trained in Matrix Reimprinting.

I am a Certified Life Coach.

And I have plenty of life experience.


I consistently improve my skills with continued professional development (CPD) and training.



I am a member of these organisations

EFTMRA General Logo.jpg

These sessions proved fascinating and very valuable


They helped unblock memories that are still showing up in my adult life…and keeping me trapped in my “little Julie” body and thoughts.


I highly recommend connecting with Katie as she is not only brilliant at what she does… but she is also warm, smiley, lovely lady who puts you at ease throughout the process.

Julie Derrick

Want to find out if tapping is right for you or dip your toe in the water before you commit?




You may think that EFT is woo woo, and wonder how does it work? 

Perhaps it doesn’t fit with some of your beliefs or old stories but unless you try, how are you going to know? Why not decide for yourself?


Despite common myths or misconceptions about EFT here are three things I know to be true.

  • It’s important to combine mind and body when trying to heal and get unstuck

  • It quickly calms your nervous system to help you make better decisions

  • Sometimes we need to let go of our excuses and take the brave step

It’s your time now to transform into your best self!


“I’d heard about EFT and was intrigued to find out more. It has been a very subtle but profound experience and issues came up that I didn’t realise were there. Katie was very good at working with what cane up without leading or coercing. By the end of my session, I felt much freer and some of the things that arose have finally been put to bed! At all stages, I felt completely safe. Katie has a very gentle, grounded and non judgmental presence. She explained what tapping is at the first session and what to do in-between sessions. I’d highly recommend Katie if you are looking to be free of emotions that keep you feeling “stuck” in your body and mind. It was a very gentle but effective experience for me. Thank you Katie!”

Simmone S.


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